Molly is the Managing Partner of the firm. She is a legal & Private Sector Expert with over 20 years of experience in Rwanda. She has interfaced with Government Officials in Rwanda on key policy issues as well as advocated policy and legislative reforms, Ms. Molly RWIGAMBA was the CEO (Ag) of the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda and is currently Managing Partner and Legal counsel/ consultant at RR Associates, where she has worked on a number of projects as Legal Advisor and Counsel, performing diagnostic studies, representing clients before courts and national and international arbitration tribunals, advising on Corporate Finance,  Tax and Energy related transactions for a wide range of clients. She also provides legal advice & support in reviewing & drafting of legal transaction documents including but not limited to syndicated facility agreements, Loan Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, Concession Agreements and EPC contracts. As a consultant she has worked on the development of various laws impacting on businesses in Rwanda such as; amending the Investment Code, drafting the Privatization Laws, Labour Laws and other Business regulations.

Molly also has experience in coordinating capacity building programs including the coordination of business development centres for SMEs, training programs in business management and relevant business laws such as commercial law and international comparative law. Her main area of practice includes but not limited to Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Banking & Finance Law, Tax law, labour law, Insurance law, Privatization, Energy and Environmental law, Arbitration and public policy.


Molly obtained an undergraduate law degree (LLB) from the National University of Rwanda and a Masters degree in International Comparative Law from Uppsala University, Sweden. She is a licensed attorney representing clients in courts of law, in national and international Arbitration Tribunals since 2011.


She sits on a number of government boards representing the private sector. In the past she was the Vice chair of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), Student Financing Agency of Rwanda (SFAR), NPD COTRACO and the Rwanda Workforce Development Agency. She was also a board member of a regional multilateral company based in Kenya called Msingi East Africa, Kenya Commercial Bank. She is currently the Vice Chairperson of the Rwanda Management Institute (RMI), and Britam Insurance Rwanda.

She is a member of the Rwanda Bar Association and the East African Law Society. She is also a member of the domestic panel of Arbitrators at Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC), as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators –London.